It’s what you can’t see
Roots are hidden, but healthy roots are the key to high quality turfgrass surfaces, and a recent trial demonstrated that the addition of TurfSolv into your nutrition programme produces larger roots. All plots were fertilised with the same granular feed and hlf were also treated with TurfSolv TS-1. Treated plots (bottom row of grass plugs in the photo) showed an average root length of 33cm, whilst untreated plots had an average of 13.5 cm. Larger roots reduce irrigation and fertiliser operations resulting in healthier grass swards and lower costs.
A little bit goes a long way
TurfSolv is a powerful plant biostimulant and a recent trial has shown how effective it is as part of a fertiliser programme. We have developed a range of liquid fertilisers that incorporate the TurfSolv NanoBlend technology that massively helps with uptake and usage by the plant. The chart shows the results of three treatments: Control – no fertiliser, 10:0:10 NPK liquid fertiliser, 10:0:10 fertiliser plus TurfSolv NanoBlend. The chlorophyl was measured using NDVI reflectance with higher readings showing the efficiency of the plant’s delicate photosynthetic machinery. The addition of TurfSolv NanoBlend showed consistantly higher chlorophyl readings, demonstrating that treated plants were being protected by the effects of TurfSolv on oxidants that damage the mechanisms of photosynthesis.
Turfsolv makes strong grassturf roots