Frequently Asked Questions

Does TurfSolv control turf pests?

In line  CRD regulations, TurfSolv helps the grass to recover very quickly from pest damage. Treated areas may require seeding or turfing to replace dead grass and fill in bare patches.

Is it legal to use?

Yes. After discussions with the Chemical Regulations Directorate (CRD) we have changed the label and promotional material to comply with CRD regulations. All the ingredients are listed on the European Chemicals Database ( for use in plant treatment products. Contact Global BioClean Ltd for more information.

What is TurfSolv made from?

TurfSolv is a sophisticated blend of powerful surfactants and plant extracts. Using advanced process and blending methods, the ingredients are reduced to an extremely small molecular size, which massively increases the efficiency of transporting bioactive materials into soil and plants, resulting in a rapid response.

How effective is TurfSolv?

Expectations should be that the pest problem slowly goes away through a mixture of the grass being strengthened so it can withstand pest damage, and a soil environment that discourages pests but increases beneficial organisms. Reduced damage from turf pests and birds feeding on grubs has been observed after just one application, but two applications 3-5 days apart are normally necessary to start the process of grass recovery. Severe infestations may require monthly treatments after the initial two applications.

What is the application rate?

Apply at 2ml TurfSolv in 100ml water per m2 of grass surface (20 L/Ha in 1000L water). Apply once and then repeat 3-5 days later. Severe infestations of turf pests may require repeated treatments before full recovery of the grass surface is achieved. Contact Global BioClean Ltd for more information.

Is TurfSolv safe to use?

Very safe! As with all substances, however, some care is needed when handling the concentrate. Once diluted at the correct rates (1:100 or 1:50 TurfSolv: Water) TurfSolv is safe. It has been proven not to be harmful to pets and children however as will all chemicals please keep out of reach in a safe place. Grass surfaces can be brought back into use straight after treatment if necessary.

Who is using TurfSolv?

Customers of TurfSolv include golf courses, professional/amateur football & rugby clubs, and professional spraying contractors. We also supply the UK’s largest lawncare companies.

When should I use Turfsolv?

Turfsolv can be used all year round.

TurfSolv® is a bio-based formulated product, containing no toxic or harmful petroleum or petro based chemicals.
Made in the UK it is safe for children and pets.

TurfSolv® TS-1 | £22.25

500ml – Highly concentrated | Covers 2 treatments of 125 sqm.
Keep out of reach of children.

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