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Turfsolv® creates a barrier to the three leading causes of lawn damage by breaking the lifecycle of chafer grubs, leatherjackets and other common bugs. They do not want to live, breed or spread on turf that is being treated with Turfsolv® – in turn, taking them off the menu for the crows and birds that dig them up and cause so much devastation. At the same time, Turfsolv® hugely increases the uptake of nutrients, water and minerals in the grass and plant roots.

  • Contains TS-25 as an ingredient, with the same effectiveness as TurfSolv® TS-25
  • Contains seaweed extracts, fulvic acid, humic acid, nitrogen and other elements that increase protection against free oxygen radicals that form during environmental and biotic stress
  • Effective and efficient biostimulant / soil amendment increasing root growth
  • Can be applied as a biostimulant / soil amendment through irrigation systems
  • Add to weedkiller solutions to reduce application rate

As with all garden products please keep out of the reach of children.