Navigating Chafer Grub Infestations: 

An example of one’s customers journey with Turfsolv®

Maintaining a pristine lawn comes with challenges, especially when pests like chafer grubs are involved. In this blog post, we share a customer’s journey with TurfSolv® and how it proved instrumental in combating chafer grubs. Alongside, we present expert insights into the best practices for TurfSolv® application.

By resident turf expert Andrew Turnbull.

    Customer’s Initial Challenge: Earlier this year, a customer faced a daunting problem—chafer grubs wreaking havoc on their lawn. Seeking a solution, they turned to TurfSolv®, a product renowned for its non-pesticidal and eco-friendly approach to lawn care. With a 5-litre bottle in hand, they embarked on their mission to eradicate the stubborn pests.

    Chafer grubs and leather jackets dont like Turfsolv

    The Initial Attempt and Surprising Results: Following the instructions, the customer applied TurfSolv® with hopes of immediate results. However, the process didn’t yield the instant outcome they were anticipating. Despite the initial setback, they persisted, and their patience eventually paid off.

    As we always say here at Turfsolv® when advising customers – Turfsolv® is NOT a quick fix, it’s a program of care for your lawn, to be applied regularly over the seasons.

    As time passed, something remarkable happened. When the customer decided to give their lawn a much-needed makeover by scarifying it, they noticed that the chafer grubs had vanished. The lawn, though damaged, was ready for rejuvenation. The customer undertook the task of reseeding, and their efforts bore fruit as the grass flourished once more.

    Looking Forward – Protection and Prevention: Having conquered the initial battle, the customer’s focus shifted to the future—protecting their lawn from potential infestations of chafer grubs and leatherjackets. Seeking guidance, they reached out to the experts behind TurfSolv®.

    Turfslov treating the lawn

    Expert Advice – The Right Time and Frequency:

    TurfSolv®, being a non-pesticidal solution, requires a longer timeframe to manifest its effects on insect pests. The experts explained that the chafer beetle’s life cycle involves hatching eggs into grubs, which then mature over several months before pupating into beetles.

    For effective intervention, the customer was advised to spray TurfSolv® during the summer months, disrupting the grubs’ life cycle when they are smaller and more susceptible to the solution. Applying TurfSolv® every 3 to 4 weeks, starting from April and continuing until the end of November, was recommended. This regimen not only targets pests but also provides biostimulants for healthy grass growth.

    Turfslov scarifying the lawn

    Addressing Applicator Concerns: Curious about the application process, the customer sought advice on the suitability of a knapsack pressure applicator for TurfSolv®. The response was affirmative, with an added tip to use a brown flat fan nozzle to ensure the correct output.

    Conclusion: A Testimony to TurfSolv®’s Effectiveness: What began as a mission to rescue a beleaguered lawn evolved into a story of victory. This customer’s experience with TurfSolv® highlighted the product’s unique approach to lawn care—a solution that demands patience but ultimately yields promising results. With expert advice guiding the way, a lush, resilient lawn is within reach, all thanks to TurfSolv®’s remarkable capabilities.