Hello Spring!

A fresh new season and a reminder of what Turfsolv® is and what it does.

What is Turfsolv®?
A totally new approach to treating turf that’s both great for plant health care and crucially safe for the environment. 

Turfsolv® is NOT a pesticide. It’s a 12-month program of care. A preventative course that can start at almost any point in the calendar.

As the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure, especially when there is no permanent cure for a natural pest or disease invasion. The only way to safely keep turf grass robust, resilient and as green as possible is to care for it all year round.

Turfsolv® works by creating an environment that’s inhospitable to pests, fungal infection and disease. In short, Turfsolv creates a barrier to the three leading causes of lawn damage by breaking the lifecycle of chafer grubs, leatherjackets and other common bugs. They do not want to live, breed or spread in turf that is being treated with Turfsolv® – in turn taking them off the menu for the crows and birds that dig them up and cause so much devastation. At the same time, turfsolv hugely increases the uptake of nutrients, water and minerals in the grass and plant roots.  

Turfsolv mitigates the need and expense both financially and environmentally for pesticides, turf feed, moss control, and fungal and viral infection solutions. Using Turfsolv® throughout the year saves both revenue and the environment. Turfsolv® is not a quick fix; only damaging chemicals can temporarily improve an infected area rapidly. Turfsolv® is a sustainable, eco-friendly preventative solution for turf that is valued as part of a commercial or residential landscape. Top Sports grounds, football clubs and golf courses are some of the first in the country to embark on this process with turfsolv®


David Lewis – Co-Founder of Turfsolv® says:

‘How we look at turf care with Turfsolv®  is like having a vaccination to build immunity to diseases and infections.  As well as infection, preventing pest infestation the grass is revitalised, resilient, and greener than ever, with stronger roots and advanced nutrient uptake to keep it in the best possible condition all year round.”


Andrew Turnbull MResl – Lead Agronomist at Turfsolv® says:

“Over the past few years, we have seen a real change in the behaviour of turf pests. For example, Chafer grubs would normally become a problem in June but are now seemingly problematic as early as January and in some instances, all year round proving something has changed in their ecosystem. In my opinion, one of the reasons is the ground is not freezing as often due to climate change which means the bugs are not burying so deep in the soil thus remaining closer to the surface. It could also be due to historic pesticides leeching out from the soil. Choosing a care plan with Turfsolv® all year round is a great preventative solution.“