Autumn Lawn Tips: 

Autumn is a pivotal time for lawn care in the UK. As the temperatures drop and daylight diminishes, the grass prepares itself for the colder months ahead. Here’s a guide to autumn lawn care, we will give you all the essential information over the next few days into a wonderful weekend of gardening. 

    Mowing: Continue to mow your lawn, but raise the cutting height slightly as the growth slows. This will leave the grass a little longer, which can provide some insulation against the frost. However, avoid mowing when the ground is very wet or frosty.
    Chafer grubs and leather jackets dont like Turfsolv
    Aeration: Autumn is an excellent time to aerate your lawn, especially if it gets heavy use or suffers from compaction. This will allow oxygen, nutrients, and water to penetrate the soil, promoting healthy root growth.
    Protecting: Continue to treat your lawn regularly with Turfsolv®
    Turfslov treating the lawn

    Scarifying: Remove thatch and moss by scarifying your lawn. This can be done manually with a spring-tine rake or with a powered lawn scarifier.

    Turfslov scarifying the lawn
    Leaf removal: Regularly clear leaves from the lawn. Leaves can smother the grass, causing patches and facilitating disease. Use a leaf blower or rake to keep your lawn clear.
    Overseeding: If your lawn has thin or bare patches, autumn is a good time to overseed. Make sure to keep the new seeds moist to encourage germination.
    Repair edges: Fix any damaged lawn edges to give a neat appearance and prevent the grass from creeping into beds and borders.
    Watering: Generally, rainfall is adequate during autumn in the UK, but if there are prolonged dry spells, consider watering your lawn. However, be cautious not to overwater.
    edging of the lawn